Creating & Executing Market Strategies for the Tastiest Brands in Colorado + Beyond.


Strategic Design

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Branding & Logo Design

Brands are created in partnership with clients using a positioning exercise we have honed with years of experience in graphic communications. Key insights are gleaned during the 90-minute workshop including: Point of Differentiation, Target Market, Core Benefit, etc. The resulting product is a complete corporate identity package with a succinct one sentence Brand Positioning Statement that helps the client focus on, not only their overall mission, but the inevitable day-to-day questions such as: Does this messaging align with our goals? Who should we be selling to? Is "X" company a good partner for us?



Packaging Design

Often using the brand positioning work (mentioned above) or extensive focus group data to guide direction, these examples of consumer packaging are designed to highlight each product's key point of differentiation while attracting the target market with strong shelf appeal. Packaging design brands include:

  • Radlarita

  • Milagro Tequila

  • Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea

  • Sam Adams Boston Lager

  • MillerCoors

  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

  • Stone Brewing Co.

  • BrüChips

  • Pepsi

  • Mountain Dew

  • Zicam



Advertising & Marketing Communications

Whether the client is a nationally distributed beverage, a series of culinary pairing events, or a local high-end painting business, we believe that the brands should be bold, and the messaging concise. Brands we have helped develop marketing communication strategies, and designed the campaigns for include:

  • Wibby Brewing

  • PGA Tour Eyewear

  • Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea

  • BrüFrou: craft beer + culinary pairings

  • MMMixer: craft cocktail + culinary pairings

  • Pratt Painting

  • Milagro Tequila

  • Maxwell House Coffee

  • Post Cereals

  • Kraft Foods

  • Nutella

  • Innersound

  • PS Audio

  • JVC Electronics

  • Freedom Golf

  • Saucony Running

  • Case Logic


Concept Boards

A glimpse behind the concept curtain. Before launching the new hard tea malt beverage, we worked together extensively with Sam Adams & Boston Beer Co. (the parent of Twisted Tea) to develop a series of strategies, then created concept boards (seen below) to test in front of focus groups. The result was the discovery of new product use cases, a refined target market & point of differentiation that helped guide the entire strategy for the next year. From the positioning, we created & executed a new packaging design, billboard campaign, event series, Website, and a targeted print advertising campaign.


Product Design

Along with overseeing Innersound's print & online marketing campaigns, there was also a need to redesign their entire product line of audiophile electronic components, loudspeakers & modular system racks.

Working in tandem with team engineers to learn about internal components constraints, we redesigned the product line (along with new products) utilizing 3D illustration to increase speed & cost efficiency of the prototyping process.

We also had the opportunity to oversee product production by working with local C+C wood shops, steel lathers, aluminum extruders, bead-blasters, anodizers, acrylic specialists, etc.

The redesigned Innersound product line was well-received and received honors including Architectural Digest's "Best Loudspeaker Design of the Year."